Friday Just For Fun Site – Edit Your Videos

Friday Just For Fun Site –
Here’s something just for some fun on a Friday. (Not responsible if you get caught playing at work)

This is very cool. YouTube has added a free video editing tool for anyone to use.

It looks like it may be a bit clunky at first, but still pretty easy to use, it’s free and you don’t have to install anything on your computer. You do need to have a free YouTube account to use the editor.

If you just want to chop something from the beginning or end (or both), you just do it. If you want more than that you have to load the same clip more than once and edit each section separately, not that bad.

I’m also sure software will continue to get better. Google likes to throw things out for people to play with and then improve the product based on their users comments.
Imagine that, a company actually listening to users, much too uncommon these days.

Edit Your Videos On YouTube For Free (YouTube account required)

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