Your Own Website – Where To Start?

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I have a section of my website called “Starting your own website”. One of the things that I believe is that freely sharing information is one of the best ways to succeed in almost any online venture. So I made a tutorial on how anyone can make their own site and host if for less than $100.00 a year.

The thing that I hear from people who want their own site is that they just don’t have any idea where to start. So lesson 1 is “Where do I start”.

I advise anyone who is just starting their own site is to register their domain name. Most people who are in business prefer a domain name that ends with .com
You can have many other extensions, but .com is the one that most visitors will look for when they look for a business. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it does seem to be the way that it is.

Getting your name is easy and should be the first thing that you do when starting a site. You go to a registrar (I use DoDaddy.com) and find a name that is not already taken and register it. The hard part here is to find one that is still available. GoDaddy charges $8.95 a year so the investment is small.

The way it works is that all Internet addresses are not actually names, but a series of numbers. So when you go to your web browser and type in Lillicotch.com the nameservers at GoDaddy tells it that my website is at IP Address: and sends you there. If something were to happen and I needed to move my site I can simply put the files up at a new host and then tell GoDaddy that. They will stop sending visitors to the old address and to go instead to the new one.

The important thing here is to do this yourself. Many busy business people outsource their site design and there’s nothing wrong with that, but on the web your domain name is what controls everything else and if you give away control of your name you give away control of everything. This way if something happened to your host or if someone hijacked your site as long as you controlled your name you could just move it somewhere else and start over.


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