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Lillicotch.com (Pittsburgh, PA) Website design and promotion. I attended self employment classed at Duquesne University School of Business in an effort to start my own website design business. I am doing all aspects of running the business myself including web design, search engine optimization, advertising and site promotion for myself and my customers.

Superior Specialty Company (Pittsburgh, PA) Industrial plumbing and heating distributor.

I was in charge of all computer file maintenance and wrote the company Web Site www.superiorspecialty.com. In 1997 I mentioned to my boss that we should have a website. He said "OK, make us one". I taught myself web design and started adding one of our manufacturers and then another. The site eventually grew to over 1,300 pages and was attracting over 400 unique visitors a day.

When I first started we had about 7,000 items in the computer system. Many items that were sold were not entered into the computer system. The belief was that since they were sold as "non-stock items" they didn't need entered. I successfully argued that in order to have good accurate and complete information we needed to enter every item that was sold into the system so that it could be tracked and possible become a "stock item". Because of this the database eventually grew to over 30,000 items. In order to maintain this many items and keep the information current I developed and implemented many automated systems for updating the information, publishing price lists three to four times a year, and maintaining a customer information and mailing list.

I also helped out with customer service. Customer service is not just about dealing with the customers, although that's a big part of it. In this position you get to deal with vendors (manufacturers) more than anyone else in the company. This is also true for dealing with the sales force. This helped me to learn how to create effective tools to help our customers and also they translated very well to the sales force to use when dealing with their customers. Some of these tools were custom order forms for easy Internet ordering, a printed catalog, monthly special flyers and all other promotions for safety, as well as, plumbing and heating.

Designed trade show booth, displays, and ran all trade shows.

Shannon Safety Products (Mount Lebanon, PA) Industrial safety equipment and personal protection.

Started in shipping and receiving. After being promoted to assistant warehouse manager, my duties included: purchasing and receiving safety equipment and prescription optical parts and supplies.

I also handled billing customers for direct shipments, reconciling bills from vendors with receipts, printing orders, and back orders to be shipped. I was also in charge of inventory control and adjustments.

I was moved to the inside sales desk, where I handled customer accounts first hand. This involved product knowledge for safety item recommendation, pricing, sales, and general customer service.

ShadySkates Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) Retail skate shop and recreational facility.

My favorite job of all time.

Various assignments of increasing responsibility. Started as part time and advanced to General Manager.

Duties included all aspects of business including:

Opening and closing, hiring and training of new personnel, making bank deposits, purchasing, and inventory control.

Designed and wrote monthly newsletter.

Published in-house magazine 6 times a year "Way-Out-Of-Line" (WOOL)

I was in charge of advertising and promotional events, including demonstrations by professional skateboarders and annual skate contest, which every year made all of the local papers and most of the local TV stations.

Designed and implemented a roller skating program in conjunction with several Pittsburgh area schools and their Phys Ed Departments.

Helped develop a division called "ShadySkates PartyLine" to run birthday parties for children.

DialAmerica Marketing (Pittsburgh, PA) Telemarketing magazines.

Duties included: Telephone sales, sale verification, tabulation, and telephone collections. Had some supervisory responsibility for new morning shift.

Yes I was one of those jerks who used to call you at home and bother you. What can I say, I needed the work and we did help several good charities. It was a good lesson. It taught me to be able to deal with rejection. On your best day it was one "yes" per 40 "no".

Rentfast Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) House and apartment rental listing service.

Duties included: Hiring and training of new personnel, scheduling, payroll, opening and closing, customer complaints, and verification of listing information.

Responsible for managing of main office and four branch sub-offices.

We listed apartments for rent and then sold a membership to look at the list.

I was selling information in 1976

My favorite working experience of all time was at "The Immaculate Reception"

I was there selling peanuts and I saw it all.

I was at the most famous football play of all time and I was paid to be there!!!

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