Me speaking at the Pittsburgh Business Leads Exchange luncheon

Robinson Luncheon – Feb 9, 2010

Good free lesson on marketing

There’s a new free ebook from Google called Improving Online Conversions for Dummies. They lean toward adwords, but that’s how they make their money. If you’re interested in buying or selling ads from your site, it’s explained well. There is another benefit, too. You can learn how visitors are probably going to behave on your […]

People Still Buy From People

Sometimes I do my best thinking while out for my daily walks, sometimes it’s just silly stuff. Today there’s an old expression running through my head. I used to hear it quite a bit in my past lives, but I don’t much anymore, “People buy from people”. It’s probably because so much shopping is automated […]

Friday Just For Fun Site – Free Public Domain Images

Here’s something just for some fun on a Friday. (Not responsible if you get caught playing at work) I have many people ask me where to get images for their site, blog, newsletter, etc. No one wants the hassle of getting a take(shake)-down notice. Here are a couple of good free sites where you are […]

What About HTML5

I’ve been hearing for quite a while how HTML5 and CSS3 are going to ignite the web (as if it needed any help). Most of this talk started with the release of the iPad and Apple’s anti-Flash stance. Here’s the problem. Most of the browsers out there do not understand HTML5 yet. It’s the same […]

Why Hire Me?

One of the many advantages of hiring me is that you get all the original work, in an open source format. A quality file in a format that’s readable, so you can use it as you see fit. I’m a one man shop, this protects you. Any art or logos that I make are made […]

Favorite Site Designs – Paul’s Market

I have a category with some of my favorite site designs on the web. These are not my sites, but they are the kinds of designs that I like in a website. There are different reasons that I picked these site designs, they all look good and are clear and easy to use. Sometimes I […]

My Thoughts On Visitors Stealing Your Content

First off, it’s not the same thing as ACTUAL stealing or robbery. My advice, forget about it and concentrate on NOT banging your head against the wall! Slideshows

Problems With GoDaddy Hosting

It looks like there may be some very significant problems with GoDaddy website hosting. If you are using them you may want to read this. Hosting With GoDaddy? Might Want To Rethink That Decision

How Links Work

When I speak with a new customer or an interested person at a networking event the question that I continue to get asked over and over is “How can I get more traffic from the search engines?” I’ve written before that today, the most important factor is inbound links from other sites. The more highly […]

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