Does Your Message Sell?

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It seems many times that I have had a customer tell me exactly how they want their site to look (add 5px of padding to that paragraph or move that picture up and over to the right just a smidgen) and never give a second thought to their actual message.

My job as a web designer is to make the site look as pleasing to my customer as possible and to explain to them things that might look weird in different browsers or resolutions.
Then the SEO in me will kick in and I will point out things like optimizing headlines and not enough/too many keywords, but in the end since it’s their site I have to be able to step back and let them be the final decision maker.

It is not my job to write their marketing message or any other content for that matter. After all who knows about your business more than you? I feel that it is my job to be a fan of my customer’s business, to want them to succeed in all aspects of their endeavours. In that respect I am always willing to offer my advise and opinion, even though it may not be something that they want to hear. The example above comes to mind where a customer spends all of their efforts on the “look” of their site and don’t pay attention to the message. The content of your site is just as important as the look of it. If your site looks bad no one will stick around to read your message, but if your message does not motivate your visitors into some sort of action you have not accomplished anything either.

Todays article is by Julie Chance is on the Business Know How site and is called “Six Steps To Developing A Marketing Message That Sells”. It’s a good article that will help all of your marketing efforts.


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