Don’t Be Afraid Of Listening To Your Customers

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I know of many businesses that are scared to death of using social media. They fear someone writing something bad about them. Worse yet if it’s a blog they are writing something bad about us on our own website.

It seems to me that if someone has something bad to say about you or your business they are probably going to say it to as many people in as many places as they can. If you can get them to say it in a place where you can control and answer their concerns, you are way ahead of the game. If you don’t even know where or what they are saying it’s a lot harder to deal with. Best of all if you are able to work out a solution to their issues you look like a hero.

That’s just the bad stuff that can happen, if you have a positive message about your business people will listen harder when they’re told (or shouted to) by your customers. Not only that they will happily let you know if you are on the right (or wrong) track. What better way to make your customers happy than to ask them what they want or to have them suggest something that you haven’t thought of.

One of the things that I have gotten out of my short go around with Twitter so far are some good blog posts. Try Shannon Paul’s post called…

Sweet blog content makes business delicious

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