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My post today is going to be more than a little off topic, because I went to an interesting “town hall” meeting about health care today. I myself am a diabetic and my wife, Nancy has MS so this is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart.

The meeting was sponsored by The National Health Council who are a group of at least 48 of the nation’s leading patient groups.

Their message was for people and families affected by disease and/or disability about what can be done to help the health care crisis in the United States. These groups are putting aside their individual agendas and working together to get a place at the discussions going on about the problem for those affected, the patients and their families.

I’m pretty lucky because we have health insurance, but even so some of the copays are huge. People are getting sicker and dying because they have to choose between health care or not eating. I hear stories almost every day from folks who have no where to turn when they get sick or have to jump through so many hoops that they can’t even find their way through the maze of paying for health care.

The politicians have their place, the health care companies have their place and the insurance companies have their place at the discussions, but who represents the voices of the over 100,000,000 people who are the ones who have the most invested in this issue? The answer is pretty simple and also pretty obvious. We are going to have to speak for ourselves!

It’s very easy for a politician (or anyone else for that matter) to simply say “I’m for good health care for all”, but that really means nothing. What is “good” and who exactly are “all”.

For now I’m asking everyone including you, but especially the presidential candidates, What exactly are you going to do to help us find a way out of this health care crisis? No song and dance, just an answer. Even if the answer is just a better way to look for an answer.

I’m going to ask this question over and over again, to ask you to do the same and to spread the word. Write to your legislators, the candidates and tell everyone that you know to do the same. Sometimes the best ideas come from the most unusual places, but one thing is for sure. We won’t get any answers if we don’t ask the question.

Visit The National Health Council


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