Advice For Bloggers – Know The Rules

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When I started this blog I didn’t really think about what was involved. I wanted to have something that would promote my business, as well as, encourage me to write every day. I really didn’t have any idea as to what or how much would be involved. At first, finding new material was pretty easy and I still have more things to write about than I have time to write, but there are days when it is more work than pleasure. Fortunately for me those days are few and far between.

Today I came across something new that I had not considered before. A post on the avivadirectory site called “Blog Law, 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know” started me thinking. I just write and talk about things that interest, annoy or amuse me. I have read about bloggers getting into hot water for their posts, but I have always considered them to be in a different league than me. Well, this is my three hundred and twenty first post and I don’t really know for sure how many people will read this, but I have heard and I believe that once something is posted on the web it never really goes away.

Could this post or one of my other three hundred and twenty get me into trouble today? Tomorrow? I don’t really think so, but it can’t hurt at least knowing the rules.


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