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I wrote the other day about a manager for your mailing lists. Here is another one. It’s called PHPList and is a free open source system for managing your email campaigns.

PHPList does much more than OpenNewsletter, but is also a bit more complicated to use.

It supports the double opt-in subscription mechanism, which means that your subscriber has to confirm their subscription before they are activated, which is a good thing.

The most important thing that PHPList offers is the ability to Set the Send Speed (Rate). Most shared web hosts will limit the amount of emails that you can send per day or per hour. Mine is 100 emails per hour. This limits the spammers from abusing these hosting companies and also keeps one user from sucking up all of the servers resources which can limit the other users. You can tell PHPList how many emails to send per day/hour and then forget about it.

As usual for my recommendations PHPList is free and open source so to try it out you have nothing to risk, but your time. It is also in the latest versions of Fantastico so if you have that it’s a simple install.



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