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I wrote yesterday about having a blog or newsletter. Then yesterday I discovered something else that I really like about having this blog. It’s the search feature. I can use it to send a targeted list of my work to people with a single link.

For example, I have quite a few cities on my Craigslist feed reader. When I an replying to some of these ads that are looking for a specific ability, I go to my blog first. On every page I have a search box where I can do a quick search for what I’ve written that would apply to what they are advertising for.

In this case they were looking for an email campaign so I typed in “email” and came up with this nice page of my articles to send the potential customer to. It’s a great page where the visitor can see the titles of many of my blog posts on the very subject that they are looking to hire someone for.

I wrote this post last night and I’m thinking that this is a pretty good tool and another reason to have a WordPress blog. Then today I see Google’s Matt Cutts writes about pretty much the same thing. He talks about categories (and a feed) and I wrote about search, but it must be true, great minds do think alike.

Read Matt’s Post “How to subscribe to just my Google/SEO posts”


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  1. […] to be very popular. Another good idea is to link back to old posts in my new ones. For example I have written before about how I like the way you can link to Word Press categories and searches to get a list of posts […]

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