Be Careful Of Who You Hire For SEO

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I have written many times about good ways to help your site get found by the search engines. This post is about the bad ones.

I usually get my share of “Blog Spam”. That is, people or bots who post comments on my blog that usually have nothing to do with the content. These folks are just trying to get a link on my site to promote their sites. This also gets them more incoming links which improves their search engine “Page Rank“.

To combat this comment spam I use a product that plugs into my Word Press blog called “Spam Karma 2” . This is a wonderful FREE tool that filters almost all of the spam from my comments. I have also taken the added step of requiring all first time commenters to be manually approved by a moderator (yours truly). You may say that this sounds a bit heavy handed, but otherwise the only things that you would be reading here would be the kind of crap that probably fills your inbox right now.

I usually get the porn or sexual enhancement kind of garbage, but this week I started to see in my filter junk posts promoting what seemed to be legitimate sites. They all had one thing in common (besides not having anything to do with my post), an SEO company who I will not name or give any publicity to. You could tell that these posts were generated by a script (they were posted a second or two after the page loaded) so I tried to contact the site owners to see if they knew what was happening. A couple answered and they apparently had no idea what the company that they hired to promote their site was doing.

I also visited the offenders site and all that was there was page after page of nothing but links to their customers sites. A “Link Farm” no doubt promoted as a way to “help” their clients with search engine rankings. A strategy that hasn’t been effective since 1999.

The lesson that I get from this is to find out exactly what you are buying for SEO before you actually hire them. Find out who the company is and what their reputation is. Ask them point blank what they are going to do and how they are going to do it. SEO is not rocket science and there are no secret formulas, just hard work. So if they are not willing to share the details of what they are going to do find someone else. Also don’t judge them by their clients initial results because even these “black hat” strategies may work for a while, but in the end they will do much more harm than good.

On the seomoz.org site there is a great post called “Answer these Ten Questions Before You Charge for SEO Services”. It’s supposed to be for SEO sellers, but buyers could use this information as well.


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