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A little while ago I noticed on Twitter a post by a local SEO company that was trying to get Pittsburgh to #1 on Google for the term “best city in the world”. I realized that this was more about them than Pittsburgh, but I was a hometown boy who likes his city and thought I might add a link and help them out. Some also said that they should have picked a more appropriate search term, but I thought it was fine.

I checked back occasionally and this past Saturday the City of Pittsburgh website was on the 12th page. That’s pretty good considering they were not anywhere a week or so ago. Visit Pittsburgh was on the foruth page and the thing that really caught my eye was my blog post was on the first page!

Today the City site is on the first page of Google (#2, congrats Eyeflow) a respectable fourth page on Yahoo and still not anywhere on Bing. My post is still right up there, too and it got me thinking. I just wrote a quick blurb to try to help my city out, not even thinking about what it would do for my site. I’ve had quite a few visitors come through for that term.

I know that the search term “best city in the world” is probably not going to bring me any new business, I would much rather be found for “best web designer” or even “best web designer Pittsburgh”, but who knows?. The point here is that the best way to promote yourself in the search engines is to constantly add new content to your site. Some will say (rightfully so) that you need good outside links pointing to your site, but the best way to get those is to give them something that they want to link to.

Write about your business, tell anecdotes about your customers, give advice and make sure that if you are sending a newsletter that they all are available as a page on your site. This is called the long tail of search, having your site found for things other than your primary keywords. Especially with a new site you will be much more likely to find yourself at the top of a less popular search term, but perhaps one of these terms can land you a great customer!

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  1. I enjoyed your presentation at today’s BLX Networking Meeting.
    Relationship marketing / Social Networking is the way to
    go and something we all should develop and use to our advantage.

    Something I picked out of an article in Success Magazine:
    “After 5 years most businesses lose 52% of their customers.”
    When asked why, they answered with — “we didn’t think you cared,
    or we weren’t appreciated, — weren’t interested.” The article
    continued with …”you don’t lose customers, they just go somewhere else.” Leads into my business: SendOutCards and Acknowledge business with a written Thank You.


    Comment by Jerry Walkins — June 24, 2009 @ 2:57 pm

  2. Thanks for trying to help out Pittsburgh. You are already a valuable asset to the community, look how you have cheered on the Pens during the pursuit for the Stanley Cup.

    Your presentation at the BLX lunch was very insiteful & helpful. Again, generously giving to those who listen; soon more of us should be showing up on page 1. Thanks!

    Comment by michelle zmijanac — June 28, 2009 @ 8:26 pm

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