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One of my customers who is a writer krahesnest.com asked me if I knew of any tools to help a writer organize their work. She knew that I am a big open source fan and thought that I could help her find something that would be an effective tool for a writer.

I found LyX it’s a very productive way to write books, articles, reports, slideshows, and other long documents. Word processors are optimized for easy use by untrained people. They excel at that.

LyX is a content authoring tool, LyX is NOT a word processor, and shouldn’t be used as such. It’s overkill for a 5 page school paper. It makes fine tuning of pages very difficult, which is not what you want on a flyer or short paper. LyX is not as user friendly as a word processor.

LyX is not easy because it is used to do difficult things, like lay out entire books in a consistent manner. LyX is a great tool which is free and open source.

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