Craigslist Translation Guide

As I’ve written before I follow Craigslist’s Computer Gigs and Jobs sections in several cities in order to find new customers for my business. This usually entails sorting through quite a bit of crap. So many people are looking for free work under the label of “internship” and most of them would never consider offering their services for free. Many more are are just looking to collect names for their spam list. After a short while you can spot those pretty easily.

As I said CL is just filled with this stuff and I guess sorting through it for the legitimate requests is just the price you have to pay for a “free” service. Yesterday a post made me laugh out loud. It was a translation guide for all of these requests begging for something for nothing. I wanted to pass it along for anyone who follows Craigslist or for anyone who just needs a laugh. It probably won’t last long on Craigslist so I’ve also linked to the authors site.

Craigslist Translation Guide on Craigslist

Craigslist Translation Guide on karljay.com

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