Deep Links Are More Valuable Than Ever

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There was a great article on the BBC News site over the weekend talking about how users are going deeper into websites right from the start and seem to only be interested in finding what they are looking for.

What does that mean for your site? Several things, but first of all you need to make sure all of your pages are indexed by the search engines. Visitors won’t read what they can’t find and this new research convinces me that they won’t visit your main page and search. If a searcher doesn’t find just what they are looking for on their first try they will go somewhere else.

It looks more and more like only once you have them in your site and engaged can you get them to sample some of your other pages. That’s when internal links like this post that talks about internal links or the random posts on the sidebar menu on this page can be valuable.

Another good method to try is to link to one of your internal pages with content that related to your discussion when posting on other blogs, forums or social networking sites.

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