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I have always said that companies that use their sites to shout what they do won’t do very well. Most of your visitors come to your site to find out what’s in it for them. Now days it’s not even enough for you to tell them what you can do for them to make their life easier or to solve their problems, they want to hear from people that you have helped. It makes sense really. Anyone can brag about what they’ve done even if they haven’t really done it.

It’s important to have others tell your customers about you on a “testimonials page”, but today that’s not enough. Visitors want to see your customers comments unedited on your blog and even more importantly they want to see opinions of your business on other sites that you don’t control.

So, how do you make your company into a brand? More importantly how do you make it a brand that other people are speaking well of and pointing to your site. Here’s a good post on the SiteProNews site by Jerry Bader that gives some good ideas of ways to define and promote your brand.

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