Don’t Break Your Own Rules

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I subscribe to several blogs to keep up with new techniques, styles and programs that are appearing and becoming popular on the web these days.
Many times these posts and articles are about what not to do as well. Sometimes without even meaning to.

Today I saw an article about the basics of a good website design. Nothing groundbreaking, but I completely agreed with all the rules and the list was well presented.
Because of that I read the entire list thoroughly and was considering writing this post about how well done it was.

I clicked on the link to go to their site because I prefer to link directly to a writers site rather than a third party provider, but when I got there I was completely taken back.

The first thing that I noticed was the print size for the main menu was tiny. It was hard to read and worse yet had a striped background image which made it even harder to read. I had to stare at it for a while before I realized that what I was looking for wasn’t there. Then I noticed a second menu located on the other side of the screen mixed in with the ads for this business. Turns out that this was the real main menu and the other more prominent menu was actually a secondary menu that just listed the products that they sold.

So in about thirty seconds I went from writing a post on what to do when designing your site, to a post on what not to do. So, if one of your own “rules” is “Have Easy To Use and Understand Navigation” make sure that your own site follows that rule. I didn’t even stay around long enough to see how many other of their own rules they violated.

So instead of providing you a link to that article, that I like, and the business site of the writer who’s site I don’t like at all

Here Are Some Sites That I Do Like

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