Social media and your website

My customer is, The Dor Stop Restaurant I follow them and noticed this on their facebook timeline Construction update….only 1 block of Potomac – West Liberty to Glenmore – will be closed this weekend. Side streets and sidewalks will all be open. Parking on Potomac is allowed. See you this weekend!! on their website it […]

Just some email advertising advice

Got an email today from Magic Jack, a company I tried for a couple of days when I was looking for a replacement for the T-Mobile VOIP phone service (I loved). It was more than a few years ago. I didn’t like the Magic Jack service very much, tried several and decided on the OBI […]

Online Generators For Web Development

Every once in a while you run into such a great collection of tools online that you just have to stop and play with them for a while. That’s what happened to me today when I discovered this post on a site called Splashnology. There are links to so many good tools here like background […]

A little help with my new site Spofferz

I’m currently building a new site that’s called Spofferz.com. That stands for Special Offers with a “Z” It’s a pretty cool site where it free for a business to add a SpOffer. Any business can register free and add one SpOffer every month. Each SpOffer will expire and be automatically deleted in 30 days from […]

Google Small Business Blog

Here’s a new blog called Google Small Business. It’s new, but looks like something that may provide valuable information for most any business. I’ve already seen a couple of new tools that I plan to check out. I recommend subscribing to Google Small Business

Favorite Site Designs – Paul’s Market

I have a category with some of my favorite site designs on the web. These are not my sites, but they are the kinds of designs that I like in a website. There are different reasons that I picked these site designs, they all look good and are clear and easy to use. Sometimes I […]

Why I Want Google Fiber

I would love to have Google Fiber Internet come to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has submitted their bid. I used my Google account to write them my support and aside form the Stupid Pet Tricks aspect of this show, I think Pittsburgh has a pretty fair chance. As you may know I am a fan of dumping […]

Website Promotion With WordPress

Wade Richards is my customer. Have a look at his site. He’s a musician using wordpress tools to promote his business and doing a good job of it. http://timeformusic.org/

more snow falling – Valentine Recomendations

Another lovely winter day in The Burgh… I thought I would pass along this recommendation from my friend Lou Marmon. If you can get out of the house or if you can go to your basement. Hello, Here are some ideas for libations to share (and a movie to watch) with someone special on Valentine’s […]

Good Free Software For Almost Anything

I have been using NoNags for almost 15 years now and I have never been disappointed in one of their recommendations. and Everything is free! http://www.nonags.com/

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