Don’t Even Look Like A Spammer

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I saw an ad posted on Craigslist the other day from a person who wanted to find someone with software to spider the Internet and collect email addresses to send their ads to.

I normally just chuckle at something like this and move on, but for some reason I sent a note and asked them not to do it. The advertiser was in insurance and I thought why would someone in a position like that want to look like a spammer.

The reply that I got really made me think…

“It’s only spam if you go to an ISP, NOT Web sites They invite people to email them. Big difference, and we only go to web sites in our profession not general public. “

Here’s someone who thinks that just because someone puts contact information on their website that they are inviting you to send them junk mail. I wonder just how prevalent that this thinking is?

I did write back and explained that this was not the way for any professional organization to behave and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

Remember this if your are sending bulk email. You are not the one who decides if what you are sending is spam or not. The people who are receiving your mail are. No matter what you can claim to comply to if your recipients complain you will get labeled as a spammer and getting rid of that label may be more difficult than you think.

If you’re sending bulk email I can highly recommend the Email Experience Council website. It has some great resources for anyone sending or even thinking about sending bulk email.



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