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I always to try to build the best SEO that I can into a website that I design, however due to what the customer wants they always don’t do that well. I have had people tell me that “I just want a page or two (or three), but I want to be on the first page of all the search engines for this keyword”. While that may be possible for some unusual keywords, it’s just not going to happen for the more competitive ones. I try to explain this to my potential customers, but many don’t want to hear it. They feel they can (or should be able to) buy their way to the top.

Someone recently told me that Google has “sold out” to the big money advertisers, but I believe that they have built this huge company by not showing any favoritism to any website owners and will continue to do just that. That hasn’t stopped many so called “SEO Experts” from making wild promises and that’s usually the first signal to question this promise.

Jill Whalen has written a post called “10 Signs That Your SEO Is a Quack” and it covers many of the things that you should watch out for.


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