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Here’s something just for some fun on a Friday. (Not responsible if you get caught playing at work)

Without anything even close the Friday Fun Site where I recommended Simsonizeme. Due to the fact that it’s almost always busy well over two years later, I have to believe that it may have been one of Burger King’s most popular promotions ever. This is a great example of how giving something away can be a wonderful promotion for your business.

Today Netflix is trying something similar to honor the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard or OZ. They offer you a page where you can upload your photo and appear in the movie. You can share it with your friends, but I don’t think that you can save it (the entertainment companies won’t let you have that much fun) so it probably won’t be as popular as Simpsonizeme, but it’s still good fun for a Friday.

Enjoy Oz Yourself

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