Google Opens Up (A Little)

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In an effort to open up their formally (and still) secretive formulas for ranking your web page Google has added to their Official Webmaster Blog. It’s a very nice post called “Introduction to Google Search Quality” and is written by Udi Manber, VP Engineering, Search Quality.

He (I think it’s a he) explains that web spam is just one part of their job. Their overall goal is to give their customer (the searcher) the best possible experience.

How does this help you? By letting you know a bit about how they work and what they want can go a long way toward helping you give your visitor the best experience by providing them what they are actually searching for. It’s a win, win situation for everyone.

If you are a site owner I would definitely advise that you read this and

Find Out How To Help Google Learn What Your Site Is All About

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