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Here’s a new tool from Google that will help you to optimize your landing pages to get the best results possible from your AdWords campaign.

For those of you who are not sure what a landing page is, it is the page that people go to when they click on one of your ads. Some people have their visitors go right to their home page, but most people design separate pages for each different ad campaign. Not only does this make your efforts easier to track it also allows you to write different content geared toward the individual ad or ad placement.

Getting people to your site is only half of the battle. If you are using this to track an ad campaign ideally you want everyone who clicks on one of your ads to buy something from you. Although this will never happen what this tool will do for you is to try and track many different combinations of the text and images for your landing page to see what gets the best response from your visitors. You can find out if a particular headline does better than another or if it gets better response when combined with a particular picture or a different text.

Google Website Optimizer seems to be a really great and easy to use tool to help you get more sales from your hard earned advertising dollars, view the overview demo and see for yourself.


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