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A customer of mine, Talk’nTables asked me why he couldn’t be found on Google for his keyword choice of “tabletop advertising”. I explained to him that those words did not appear anywhere on his page. He needed to add them in the headlines and content of his page(s).

Within a few days he was on the first page of Google. That made me think that it probably wasn’t such a competitive search term because I have been trying to move up the results for the term “Pittsburgh web design” and it has been a painfully slow process.

He wrote me the other day that even though he was on the first page of Google he only was on the third page of Yahoo and how could he improve that.

I replied that all of the search engines use different formulas (algorithms). The best way to move up is to add new pages with your keywords in the titles and content. It’s also good to go through all of your current pages and add it wherever it sounds natural.

I also got to thinking that even though I couldn’t think of any keywords that would be better for his business, perhaps there were other more popular search terms that he should be trying to rank well for. Maybe I was missing some terms for this site that I could build on. Those questions lead me to search for some free keyword tools to suggest other search terms that might want to be considered to buy or optimize for.

I started with a post of mine about keywords from last year and then I found a very good post by Ann Smarty called

5 Tools for Keyword Brainstorming

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