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When I first started my site I thought I would put some photos on my site to fill some space and to give people an idea of my varied talents. What I found was that people were visiting my pages who, for the most part, had no interest in designing websites or SEO, but were still interested in something I had. I soon realized that this could be a very good way to get traffic to my site. It wasn’t traffic targeted to most of my content, but still I believe that all traffic is good.

I first thought about what I could use to best bring me more traffic. The Pittsburgh Zoo is building a new exhibit for polar bears, walruses and sea otters which was just beginning. I thought when this is completed quite a few people will be searching for this so I started to take pictures of the construction as it went along. I noticed that the more pictures that I put up the more searchers would find me for this. I am hoping that one of the local popular sites (TV or newspaper) will link to me once the exhibit opens. It could be huge.

All of this brings me to a post I found recently by Tony Hill called “How to dominate image searches”. It contains more good advise that I’m going to use.


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