Is Email Marketing For You?

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I believe that email marketing is still one of the best lowest cost ways to reach your customers. If you don’t believe me have a look at your inbox and see just how many of the biggest retailers in the world are trying to reach you.

I believe that every business should have some kind of a newsletter even if it’s only sent once a month. Your own customer list is always the most valuable. These are people who know you and are much more willing to read your mail and even pass it on. I don’t ever recommend buying names.

Remember that these are your customers and you don’t want to make them mad, so do it right and play by the rules.

  • Your own list
  • Opt-In only
  • No Spam

Pretty simple stuff, but very important.

You can send it out yourself, but remember that many ISP’s these days have a 100 emails per hour limit on their accounts. If your lists get big it may be best to outsource the actual mailing to one of the big email newsletter senders.

I have send many of my customers to read this post by Loren McDonald on the Email Insider blog.

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