What Do You Need To Know About Building A Website?

September 5, 2006 - Filed under: web design

I have seen many articles showing up lately on what a business needs to know before building (or rebuilding) a website. It seems like there is always more to think about than what you first consider.

What I like to tell my customers is to concentrate on your core business. Get one thing right before you move into ancillary products and services. Always plan to add more information later, because if you start out in too many directions your project will look like you are moving in many directions at once. I have found that once you build a sturdy foundation to your site making small changes and adding new content becomes easier and easier.

Roger Johansson has written a nice post called “10 things businesses should know before building a website” where he talks about the best articles that he has seen and adds some great points of his own.


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