Is Networking a Career Must or Overrated?

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As a practical matter no new business can survive on word of mouth alone and paid advertising can be a huge drain on your budget.

Networking can be any businesses salvation and attending networking events can be very affordable. It can be frustrating though, I contacted a couple of business networking groups about joining and they didn’t even bother to return my e-mails. I did join a group here in the Pittsburgh area called PAPEN (Pennsylvania Professional Employment Network). Their main goal is just to help people network to find or improve their jobs and their LIFETIME membership fee is only $10.00. I have met some great people and I recommend them highly.

I have heard and read many complaints that networking is just a waste of time and it can be if you go into it with the wrong mindset. How many times have you run into someone at a networking event trying for a world record in passing out business cards in the least amount of time or being so busy talking about themselves that they don’t hear anything anyone else has to say? I have seen them and heard them and usually I try to stay as far away from them as possible.

I have found that when I go into one of these events with a mindset of what can I offer to this person or group to help them, I get the most out of it. If people can spot a phony from a mile away, then the opposite is also true. A person who is looked upon as a facilitator, someone who can help get things done for you is far more likely to get your recommendation and help. Of course not everyone will want to help you, but sometimes help comes from the most unexpected places.

Christine F. Della Monaca a Staff Writer for Monster.com talks about networking from many different viewpoints.


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