I’ve Built My Site, What Next?

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I recently had a customer who has a site that I’m working on, that is selling products, ask me where to start with promoting their site to get more sales.

I told them I would start with their manufactures because they have a relationship with them already.
I advised them to write to them and ask them if they have a vendor page or a blog where you could get a link to your site. Tell them you have a vendor page and would also be willing to give them a link back.

I do realize that one way links will be more valuable for them, but if a link back helps them get the link it may be worth it. Plus many manufacturers if they are your vendors won’t ask for that.

I also suggested that they do the same with their customers. They could have a testimonial page, which they didn’t already have, which could give them a link back as well. I have written before that testimonials are great to have on your site.You don’t want a page with just a bunch of links. That’s a “link farm” and search engines now ignore those.
If the page of links is relevant to your site, like vendors or customers, that’s better.

You might want to write and distribute articles. Articles can help get your name out there, provide valuable links back to your site and establish you as an expert in your field. All good things for your site.

Finally I told them to look for blogs that relate to their industry where you can add comments.

Usually that site will allow you to have a link back to your site as well. It’s important that when you are commenting on a site that you say something valuable, relevant to the original post and relevant to your site. Comments that are self serving or off the topic stand out as just that and usually are deleted or ignored. If you give them some good free content for their blog (site) they will allow you to have a link to your site at the end of your comment.

This may be quite a bit to digest in one sitting and a bit simplistic, but it’s a pretty good start.

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