Let’s Help Norway Give IE6 The Boot

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One of the things that I do when I design a site is that I look at it in many different browsers. Your site can look much different in each one.

One of the worst has always been Internet Explorer. When I am browsing the web for work or pleasure I prefer Firefox, which is a browser that follows the standards set up by the 3WC pretty well, but when you are designing a site you neede to account for all of the browsers that visitors are using. Luckily I don’t see many visitors that are still using IE5, but there are still more than you would think that are using IE6. IE6 is a very old browser that doesn’t follow established web standards very well and is much less secure, but because so many people are still using it you have to account for it’s quarks. This can be a significant amount of time and energy.

A large group in Norway has started a campaign to get rid of the IE6 browser. They are urging people to upgrade to IE7 (IE8 is due out very soon) or one of the much more standards compliant browsers like Firefox or Opera by putting warnings on their sites and letting everyone know about their campaign.

Let me say that I hardily support their efforts and if you are still using IE6 (or worse yet IE5) please upgrade or switch to something else. Help all of us who are designing websites to spend more effort in making websites look and work better instead of trying to fit a square pegs into round holes.

Boot Microsoft’s IE6 Browser off the Web

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