How To Make Friends With Search Engines

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Just in case you haven’t noticed I’m a big believer in making a site that is friendly to the search engines to read and follow. I have had people tell me that most visitors will come to your site through recommendations from friends, other sites or from print ads, but I think that most site owners that know anything about SEO will tell you that most of their traffic comes from search.

If you can get your site on the first page or even two for a competitive keyword search you can get thousands or even millions of visitors who are pretty well qualified because they are searching for what you have. Even if you get tons of visitors from other sources how can anyone turn their back on more? Especially since if you do it right it’s free!

How does this happen? Well if you have not read any of the other pages I have written about SEO or the millions of other web pages on the subject I advise you to start by going right to the horse’s mouth.

If you are interested in optimizing your site and haven’t yet subscribed to the official Google webmaster’s blog you should do that right now. There is so much good information there it’s hard to say where to start, but might I suggest first learning how the bots look at and read your pages.

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