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I am continuously amazed by people that I talk to that expect me to wave a magic wand and make their site number one on Google for the keyword(s) of their choice. They don’t seem to understand that if I could magically make them number one that everyone else could do the same thing and their reign at the top position would last only until one of their competitors waved their wand.

It also surprises me that folks who wouldn’t pay a plumber, auto mechanic or electrician without knowing before hand exactly what they were going to do along with how much it will cost who will hire people or companies to optimize their sites without any clue as to what they are going to do and only vague expectations for the results.

It may be time to review your SEO efforts and if you don’t know what they are you should find out. To accurately assess what you are paying for you need to know where you were, where you are now, how you got there and where you are going. If your SEO company can’t or won’t answer these questions completely maybe it’s time to consider someone else.

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