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I was watching TV and it seems lately that all the ads were things like “save money”, “lose your job and return the car”, “0% interest” or “good as new”.

My wife said to me that these are things that should have been done long before.

That got me thinking. It may be a good idea for now, but not too long ago not enough people were tuned in the the recession/depression, lose your job, lose your savings mentality to make a message like that take hold. Even if it is a good idea or something that should be done.

Marketing messages are always changing. If no one is listening, it doesn’t matter how great what you are saying is. Right now, people are not in the mood to hear about anything except saving them money. Sometimes just changing the way you present your product or service can change whether it’s noticed or not, even if what you have to offer is still the same.

I discovered a post at MediaPost Publications with some good ideas for today’s marketing messages whether it’s email or some other media.

‘Save Now’ Is the New ‘Buy Now” — And 6 More Recession-Messaging Ideas

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