New Android Update Almost Ready

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Looks link the new update for my Android G1 phone is almost ready. There are going to be lots of improvements that I’ll use, plus it promises to make almost everything on the phone run faster.

The best things for me so far are copy and paste from the web and stereo bluetooth for charging and listening at the same time. It will also support widgets so that means many more cool new apps are coming.

I read the other day that a small company in Taiwan is suing Apple over the multi-touch technology. I’m hoping that will lead to having multi-touch and auto rotate on unrooted Android phones, like mine.

A funny thing happened when Google temporarily removed the tethering apps from the market a couple of weeks ago, Twitter was ablaze with ways around it, which helped me locate this solution http://androidguys.com/?p=4542.
T-Mobile tried to keep people from tethering their phones and the result was that now many more people know about this and are now able to do it.

The issue that matters to me the most is battery life and I guess that’s just a problem that I’m going to have to live with until I get a new phone, but at this point I’m pretty sure it will be another Android phone.

Android SDK 1.5 Update Revealed

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