Search Engine Optimization is Really Pretty Simple

There has been quite a bit talk going around SEO blogs lately about whether Search Engine Optimization is dying or is already dead. I don’t believe that’s true.

One of the main reasons for this argument is that SEO is really pretty simple and anyone can do it for themselves.

1) Have good navigation that search engines can read and follow. No Javascript or Flash navigation which programs (bots) cannot read very well.

2) Have good content in plain text and regularly keep adding more. You need to write good content using your keywords. Not too many keywords, though as you will get penalized for spam. Read it out loud, if it sounds like spam it probably is.

3) Getting a higher page rank is something you have less control over. To have your site rank higher you need to have high ranking sites link to you.
You can buy or trade links, but the best way to do this is to provide the other sites with great content so they will want to link to you.

As for whether SEO as a business is going away, I believe that this is simple enough that anyone can do it, but I also believe that some people will be willing to pay someone else to do it. Just because an idea is very simple doesn’t mean that you can’t sell it. All that you need to do to verify this is to look around at all of the sites that ignore these simple truths. Unfortunately, these will also be snake-oil salesmen promising the moon and only interested in muddying up what should be crystal clear water just to keep themselves in a job.


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