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I subscribe to several Craigslist (computer gigs) feeds for many cities that are within about a five hour drive from here in Pittsburgh. It helps me keep up with people who are advertising for my kinds of services.

I use Thunderbird for this and that lets me view these ads just as if they were email messages. For me, that is the fastest way to sort through them and find potential customers to email and offer my services.

I responded to a Craigslist ad yesterday by someone who had a website and needed help managing and updating it. Today I received a reply and it came on Yahoo mail.

Here’s someone who already has a business website and the emails they are sending are advertising Yahoo.

Their email address ends with @yahoo.com and they have an ad for Yahoo in their signature section, like this

Got a little couch potato?
Check out fun summer activities for kids.

I’m not saying this is a terrible thing, but why should they advertise for Yahoo and not themselves?

If you have a website and are trying to promote it (and who isn’t), you should have your email address from that domain.
If your webhost doesn’t allow that or you can’t check your email online,
Get A New Webhost!

Also have your own signature file (that is the file/advertisment at the end of the email).

My advice about this is the same as for all of my design work, Keep It Simple.
Have your name, a five to ten word text description of your site and a link to your site.
Don’t be too wordy, unless it really relates to your site don’t use emoticons No Emoticons and don’t let other people put their ads on your mail.

Remember you are trying to promote you and your business. Be professional and courteous. People forward emails and you should keep in mind that your email may be read by many more people than you expect.

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