Social Media Is Not For Everyone

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I recently read a blog post that talked about how long it took for a customer to tune out the message that they should have a blog on their site. The writer then gave some very important reasons why it’s good for any business owner to have a relevant blog on their site. There comments were all well taken and things that I have written about before.

While that’s all well and good there are also reasons, some of them good, to not have a blog. Here’s my reply.

I agree with most of your advice about blogging, but it’s certainly not for everyone.

Many businesses these days won’t put in the time to write good content on a regular basis and will give up long before they have an opportunity to build any kind of a community. You probably know as well as I do that a blog that’s stale and not updated often or at all is far worse than not having one at all.

Lastly I have worked for and with many business owners who would rather have bamboo under their fingernails than let a visitor make a negative comment about THEIR business on THEIR site. They can’t imagine allowing and publicly answering a legitimate complaint can be good for them.

I believe that creating and constantly updating your social media is the right way to go, but this thinking is far more common.

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