Some Great Free Image Tools

I am currently working with a customer who wants to set up a store. They had a spreadsheet of the items that they want to sell. There are over 3,000 of them. Creating a database if items for a shopping cart is not that unusual, but in this case the item images were in the […]

How To Password Protect Directories and Files

In addition to designing websites, I am getting requests lately to just manage data for clients. For example, shopping cart databases, Google or Open Office Documents. Some password protected and some not. I have found that the simplest solution is probably the best one. The htaccess file is simple to use and has good security. […]

Interesting News

category Information

Here’s a report that is a bit off topic, but very interesting. It seems that Florida is the sixth state to partner with Google to let them index their databases to make searching for information easier and more readily available. There’s probably some really good useful information here, but I’ll bet that there are also […]

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

category web design

I have written before about my customer MeloSleep.com. They wanted to promote their product by giving away free samples. They placed a large newspaper ad with a limited amount of success and then decided to post their free offer on a few “freebie give away” sites. I haven’t had much experience with sites like this […]

More Good Free Tools – OpenNewsletter

category web design

I was searching for an easy way for my customer to manage the email addresses for their newsletter campaign and I came across OpenNewsletter and it seemed to be just what I needed. ” A free, simple, and beautiful open source newsletter solution aimed at small-medium scale. Very easy installation. Just upload and its working. […]

Quick MySQL Backup

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Backing up your data can be a hassle, but there is nothing worse than having something go wrong and losing all of it completely. Here’s a very good for an easy way to backup your MySQL database from zmanda.com. It uses all open source software so it is readily available and free. More

Good Free Antivirus Software

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Here’s a very good free program that I have been trying out for several weeks now. Free avast! 4 Home Edition is a free anti-virus software for home noncommercial use. This free virus scanner protects against viruses, worms and Trojans on disk, CDs, in E-mail and during browsing. Incremental updates of virus database (twice a […]

License Plate Tracking for All

category security

Wired News has an article on new powerful infrared cameras to read license plates. You knew it had to happen sooner or later. First the police in several cities started using these devices, some of which can read sixty license plates per second, for finding stolen cars and make windfall profits from ticket scofflaws. You […]

Creating a Membership System with PHP and MySQL

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Thorough tutorial on using PHP and MySQL to create a user based login system for your website that will show you how to do the following: Collect information about the user during signup and store that information into MySQL Generate a random password and encrypt it into the database Validate the user’s email address before […]

How to Protect Yourself From Big Brother

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Stop the government from spying on your internet connection by using open source software and strong encryption. Everyone encrypt their internet connections and stop the NSA in their tracks! You are being watched. Regardless of the government you live under, your actions on the internet are being tracked. Your every search recorded and kept in […]

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