What Do People Have Against Free Open Source Software?

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I try to regularly post ads on Craigslist to promote my web design services. I think it’s a wonderful free service well worth the time and effort to use. I try to follow their guidelines, post in the propper category and not to repeat the post more than once every 48 hours. In fact I usually only post once or twice a week. If it’s done well Craigslist can be a good source of targeted traffic for your site.

Recently my post about how I like to use free open source software myself and how I recommend it to my customers, which I post in the computer services category, has been flagged and removed a couple of times. I was wondering why this post deserved to be removed and then it struck me…
Just about everyone else advertising on this page is trying to sell something that you can get for free that is usually as good or better quality. No wonder they don’t want me talking about it.


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  1. I’m just here to agree with you on Open Source. (315 area)

    Don’t expect a backwoods town(area, nation, world) full of people to grasp ideas that will only become more apparent as we move through time. First they have to be assulted by DRM, TCP and a bunch of more ugly acronyms.. ? Have there computers taken over by Sony rootkits,.. there kids arrested or fined by the RIAA for having a few music tracks. It is greed people need to get over not open source

    The people flagging your posts on Craigslist are prob other “webmasters” (suckers who went to school for “”webmastery””) The webmaster is dead, the opensource CMS killed him. Now you have bitter “webmasters” looking for work.

    Open source code is the only way to produce software that everybody can build & expand upon at a faster rate, thus pushing us faster into the future of a more diverse secure computing environment ..blah blah

    thats all the time i have atm..

    Comment by delecti — February 19, 2007 @ 4:30 pm

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