What Does This Cute Card Have To Do With Promotion?

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I often look for ways to promote a company’s website by using ideas that can be passed around by others. If done well it can give you great publicity that doesn’t cost much or anything at all. Many times that can be more valuable than paid advertising.

Because of that I tend to pay attention to what others send me with an eye more toward how this helps promote the original designer and/or the sender.

Most of what I get is just the usual stuff like jokes, prayers, urban legends and cute pictures, but every once in a while I get something that I really like. Usually because it’s something that can be a great promotional tool for the original sender and so for myself or one of my customers. Some of these sites make it in to my Friday Just For Fun Sites section and some of them inspire me in other ways.

This weekend someone sent me a link to a holiday greeting ecard that was designed by Ashland University. When I saw the card was for 2002 it made me want to check out this year’s card as well as all of the other years. I realized that these cards are a wonderful way to promote the University as well as the student designers. They got to show off their facility including all of their new improvements and to have this great promotion passed around on the web for free.

As I wrote in my article Lessons Learned from “Talk Like A Pirate Day” holidays come around every year. Even ones that you invent yourself. These pages will continue to be passed around every holiday season and the benefits will be renewed every year.

See Ashland University’s Holiday Ecards


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