Why Do We Need A Website?

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Today I’m meeting with a potential new customer. This is a group of people who are divided on whether they need a site or not. A couple of them are pushing hard to have one and they have asked me to speak to them today.

Rather than giving them the hard sell and telling them how their group’s survival depends on them getting a site up, I believe that the best way to help them is to find out what they hope to accomplish. This group of people probably have in mind something that they want their organization to do even if they are not sure how a website can help. I need to be able to find out exactly what it is that they want to accomplish and to show them how a site will improve the odds of getting that done.

Most people that I speak to about this want to know about SEO and how to get a million visitors from the search engines, but a search engine is not going to join your group or buy anything that you have to sell so you need to make sure that your site speaks to people first.

On A List Apart site there is an article by by Sharon Lee called “Human-to-Human Design”. It’s a good example of just exactly needs to be done to make a site successful.


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