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Several months ago I bought my wife a new HTC-HD2. They were having a great sale at T-Mobile and I couldn’t resist the price, even though I thought my non-techie wife, Nancy would like Android much better than Windows Mobile 6.

Android on an HTC-HD2Neither of us liked the OS very well. It was not user friendly and there were very few good apps. Since then I’ve been following the development of an Android OS for this phone and last week I found one that works great. It’s called the FroyoStone Series by darkstone. It’s basically the OS for the Desire and it runs on the SD card so all I have to do to go back to Windows is to reboot the phone. After a week I can say that it’s been a great success. My wife is much happier with her phone now and there are only a few features that don’t work.

I think the worst thing is that the notification lights don’t work and if you want to connect your computer to the SD card you have to reboot and do it in Windows. Probably because you are running Android from the SD card. All the apps I’ve loaded so far work fine with the exception of Google Sky Map. None of these are a big deal compared to the ease and great features of using Android Froyo 2.2. I especially love the active wallpapers and I’m sure there will be many more soon as more phone update to Froyo.

I actually preferred my old Android G1 running 1.6 over her phone with such great hardware, but now I like her phone much better than mine. If you would like to try this out I highly recommend it. Since it runs on the SD card you don’t really have anything to lose. If it screws up or you don’t like it, just reboot your phone and you have your Windows back. I would recommend getting a new SD card or backing up your old one first then formatting it. I bought a new 8GB SD card on Ebay for $15.00.

Check out the FroyoStone Series by darkstone

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