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Here’s something new from Google Checkout. It’s called the Google Checkout store gadget.

It’s still in Beta and is called experimental by Google so there are a few bugs, but the ones they listed seem pretty minor and I can’t believe Google would release something like this unless it was about finished. Judging from their past history with important new applications I believe the bugs will be exterminated quickly.

I haven’t tried the store out yet, but I will soon and report back to you when I do. According to Google here’s all you have to do to have a store on your site.

  1. Set up your Google Checkout merchant account
  2. Define your products in a Google spreadsheet
  3. Set up and embed your gadget

You can embed these gadgets in almost any web page, blog post or the sidebar of your blog.

Before this PayPal seemed to be the only good option for a shopping system that’s easy to embed in a static page, but this could challenge them. At first glance I see some things that even seem easier to use than PayPal’s cart, their sandbox (testing) section for one.  PayPal does have quite a big lead in this area, but these gadgets could give Google Checkout quite a boost.

See the Google Checkout Store Gadget

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