Beware Of SEO “Experts”

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I have written before about how you should Be Careful Of Who You Hire For SEO. Yesterday I got an interesting email from someone who I hadn’t heard of before.

I thought at first they were trying to be helpful as they were sending me a screenshot of one of my sites with what appeared to be bad looking rounded corner. I recognized this problem when I was designing the site and thought I had fixed it in all of the pages.

I went to my logs and realized that they came to the site from from Yahoo and then hit the 404 error page when they looked for /admin/ and then /Admin/.The error page doesn’t have much content and I thought I fixed this issue in all browsers. So I realized that this was someone who was trying to hack the site and probably wasn’t using a regular browser.

The site is pretty secure so I wasn’t worried about that, but I had a legitimate email and website address so I had an unusual chance to find out about this person. I went to their site and found out that they were supposed to be a programmer, site designer and SEO specialist.

The site looked pretty simple, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing so I had a look at the page code. At first glance I was convinced that this person knew nothing about SEO. There were many mistakes on just the first page, from Javascript navigation to pictures of words for content.

The fact that they were trying to hack the site made me question their qualifications and their SEO “skills” confirmed my thoughts. Beware of self proclaimed SEO “Experts”. Always demand proof and thoroughly check it out.



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