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A couple of years ago I was approached by another website “designer” because he supposedly had too much work and wanted to outsource some of the overflow. I had just started my business and sure needed the work so I agreed to look at what he had. The first thing I did was go to his website to check out because I had never heard of him.

I had one look at his business website and I knew right away that he could not possible have the extra work that he was promising to me. The site was out of date, had some really bad grammer and most of the rest was cheesy Flash animations. I remember thinking to myself, if this guy has a zillion customers I’ll never get any because I don’t believe in the way he does any of this.

I then Googled this person’s business and found that he only had a few customers that I could find, not the thousands he boasted of. When I spoke to him again I didn’t confront him with what I knew, but I asked discreet questions. That made me believe that the “sample” of my work that he wanted from me to prove my abilities to him, was really to fix a problem with one of his customers sites that he didn’t know how to fix, for free. I declined his kind offer and moved on. That made me realize that even though I needed the work I also needed to be careful about what I would accept.

It’s also the same with web service buyers. What brought this story to my mind was an article on the Search Insider site by Steve Baldwin that I think everyone who wants to hire a website contractor should read.

Want To Hire An SEM Agency? Check Its Site First

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