Organic Search or Paid Links?

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I was at a networking lunch yesterday with the Business Leads Exchange Group, it’s a wonderful group that I recommend that you check out if you are near The ‘Burgh.

I’ve been going every month for quite a while now and much of my time is spent catching up with members that I know and finding about what they are doing for their business and how it’s working (or not). I always like to offer my opinions and advice when I can.

One of my friends asked me a question that I have heard before, “which works better organic search listings or paid ones?” I quickly answered that I believe the organic listings are better received.

My friend asked me why and I replied that organic listings are usually free (or less expensive if you are buying SEO services), but even if you leave out the cost factor I believe they are more trusted. Maybe it’s because you can’t (easily) buy them.

When he asked me more questions about it, I found myself quoting from a post I read on the Search Insider blog the other day. Rather than me repeating it again I’ll let you read it for yourself.

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