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I recently bought a Blackberry Curve smart phone and so far I really like it. It allows me to have up to ten email accounts which is probably the most important thing for me in a phone, but I love that it has so many built in features and many more that I can download. The WiFi can be very useful as well.

One of the things that it didn’t have was some kind of GPS to use it for directions when I’m on the road. Now I have discovered another great free tool called Google Maps For Mobile. This downloadable application puts local information, directions and maps right in your phone.

You can download Google Maps to your own phone and it’s much more than maps.

  • Where’s the nearest (anything you want)
  • Is there traffic up ahead?
  • How do I get there from where I am?
  • How do I get there using public transportation?

I’m just getting started with this so I’m sure that there’s much more and even more coming. If you have a smart phone I encourage you to

Try Google Maps For Mobile

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