Giving Free Stuff Can Help You Make Money

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I have always been a believer that especially on the web the best way to grow your site is to give something away for free. I first noticed this very early on when many of the webs first sites gave away many different things to grow. The most successful ones gave away information. There were also sites trying to sell information, but these did not grow fast and seemed to fade away quickly.

Information can be the perfect product on the web. Once you create it or buy it you can sell it or give it away and then do it again and again. Storage (warehousing) is practically free and delivery costs are very low and getting lower all the time. I have kept this in mind when deciding how I was going to run my business. in fact, one of my most popular articles is called “Is It Worth It To Give Away Information?” and I have written several posts about this before. Here and here are just a couple.

What brings this back into my mind is a nice post on searchviews.com that I recommend

Does Giving Your Customers a Free Hit of Your Good Stuff Make Them Jones For More?
Site Junkies Boost Traffic, Profits and SEO

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