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June 18, 2008 - Filed under: Recommendations,web design

Whenever I design a new site I like to have a look at in all kinds of different browsers to see how it looks. Now days I usually have a look at it with my phone as well.

One of the most popular ones has always been Internet Explorer and as I have written about before Microsoft tends to make up their own “standards” and you can never be sure how your site is going to look in IE. Firefox has a cool little plug in called IE Tab that lets you switch between Firefox and whatever version of IE that you have installed in your computer.

The problem becomes when you want to see it in older versions of IE. I don’t worry too much about version 5.5 any more, but I still see quite a few visitors stopping by with IE6 and once you have upgraded to IE7 it’s pretty hard to go back.

I used to dig my old computer out of the drawer, fire it up and go to the new site, but now I’ve found IETester. It’s a free program that lets you view pages in IE 5.5, 6, 7 and even IE8 beta 1. It’s a really useful tool for web designers and it’s free.

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