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There’s an article on the SiteProNews site By Ayat Shukairy called “9 Ways to Improve Bad Website Design”. She talks about things that I have said on my “Philosophy” page. That the best websites are made to be more clean, simple and easy to use. There is a time and place for some of the bells and whistles available for websites, but no one needs them all and they certainly don’t need them all on one page.

I hear from people that everyone has fast connections now and page load times are not nearly as important as they used to be. While it may be true that faster connections are more the norm these days it is also true that attention spans on the web are shorter than ever. “Slow Loading” is a relative term. It also is true that more and more people are accessing the web from their cel phones and not just for e-mail.
Ever tried to look at or navigate a page from a cel phone. Let me tell you that it’s not much fun to use and it probably won’t get any better until there is some sort of reliable voice activated navigation. I’m thinking that even then clean and simple will still be the way to go.


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